Project to show proof of concept of a flexbox grid on React Native. It’s based on React Flexbox Grid, but is not an exact clone. I felt that responsive design had great abstractions on the web, but nothing on react native yet. In the picture those two layouts use the same code.

Project Link


This is an app I worked on when I was at a previous job. It was my first big project. I was in charge of building the API. Project Link

hacker news

One of my favorite websites is Hacker News. I love the content, but I don’t love the layout. I decided to “remix” it’s UI and make it give me a bit more information. Project Link


This one isn’t programming related. I used to make a lot of hip-hop beats when I was in high school and college. I also used to DJ. I still have a SoundCloud if anybody wants to listen to my beats or mashups. Project Link

search key

A chrome extenstion that lets you search highlighted text with the hot key (CMD + Shift + S) or (Ctrl + Shift + S). I really hated that I had to right clich to search highlighted text. Instead I whipped up for myself. It’s probably the most simple tool I have made. Project Link


This is the second version of my website. I wanted to go with a design that isn’t typical. I wanted it to be simple and clean. So I have no pictures on the homepage. Also I have no javascript. Project Link